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Checkup Checklist - Get the Most Out of Your Next Doctor's Appointment

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Checkup Checklist – What to take with you to your next doctor’s appointment.

Planning your next doctor’s appointment? Creating a checkup checklist before the appointment can help you get the most out of your visit.

Check your Coverage

  • See what your insurance covers when it comes to doctor’s visits and other costs. If you want to help keep those expenses down, an Affordable Choice plan from ManhattanLife can help! A few benefits from our Elite Plus plan include:
    • 10 doctor’s visits per calendar year at $100 per day
    • $75 per day benefit for prescription drugs
    • $100 per preventative service
    • $100 calendar year maximum for allergy shots and immunizations for covered insureds 18 years old and younger

Current Conditions and Family History

  • Have any of your close relatives developed any new conditions or disease? Have any of your close relatives been diagnosed with a condition or disease in the past? If so, let your doctor know as some conditions/diseases can run in families.


  • “Are there any screenings or vaccinations I need?” Ask about recommended screenings/vaccinations based on your age, general health, family history, or lifestyle. If you’re taking your child, make sure they’re on track with their recommended vaccines.

Catalog Your Questions

  • Write down any questions or concerns you have about your current health - new moles or lumps, pain, dizzy spells, or fatigue, depression, anxiety, trauma, distress, or trouble sleeping.

Eating Habits

  • “What should or shouldn’t I be eating?” Ask about what foods and eating habits can help manage weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, or any other health issues.

Treatment Tell-All

  • Ask why your doctor is recommending a medication or type or treatment and any questions about side effects. Don’t be afraid to bring up questions or concerns about current medications and treatments.

Consider the Future

  • “How do I get started with x, y, z?” Bring up any concerns or goals you have, which could include infertility treatment, losing weight, taking a hazardous job, or quitting smoking.

Reliable Resources

  • “Where can I learn more about x, y, z?” Ask your doctor for reliable resources on your health conditions or to address your health concerns. Searching the internet without good direction can get you only so far.
  • Think of your appointments as part of a path towards managing your health. Set goals for yourself that bridge this appointment to the next like keeping your cholesterol down or lowering it by the next appointment.


  • “Do I need to come back sooner than next year?” If your doctor doesn’t mention a follow-up first, ask if you need to come back before the next annual appointment.

With four plans to choose from and options for individuals and families, you can find the coverage and benefits that best work for you.

Product Information: Hospital Indemnity - Hospitalization Insurance

FAQ: Affordable Choice FAQ

This checkup checklist is based on information from the CDC and UPMC. 


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