ManhattanLife Lending Guidelines



Our asset criteria and lending guidelines

As a life insurance lender ManhattanLife looks for the commercial property to be self-sufficient in its ability to generate rental income and cover its own operating expenses. Therefore, our originators seek stabilized, high-quality assets with good credit tenants on long-term leases. We focus on projects that need permanent debt financing between $1MM and $15MM, with the average loan size around $5MM.


Below are our guidelines for permanent financing or refinancing of your commercial real estate assets.

Property Types Office
Medical Office
Light Industrial/Warehouses
Specialty Purpose
Location Nationwide with a focus on metropolitan statistical areas of 250,000 or more with good, long-term growth
Rates Highly competitive life insurance fixed rate options
Loan Size $1 million to $15 million
Term 5-, 7- and 10-year options with 25-year amortization
Loan-to-Value Ratio 70-75% based on underwritten value
Prepayment 4% declining (4% in year 1, 4% in year 2, 3% in year 3, 2% in year 4, 1% in year 5 and thereafter)
Fees No origination fees or application fees
Loan Servicing All loans are serviced by ManhattanLife
Appraisal Prepared by an MAI certified appraiser, using Lender’s protocol
Leasing Stabilized occupancy and reduced rollover risk



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