Manhattan Life Insurance Company, one of the oldest continuously operating companies in the world, was founded in 1850. Today ManhattanLife is a group of four operating life and health insurance companies:

ManhattanLife Assurance provides life insurance, group and individual health and accident benefits, and cancer insurance for today's policyholder.

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Family Life Insurance Company is specialized in mortgage protection life insurance policies that fit the needs of today's families. They also provide Medicare supplement insurance.

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Western United Life has been marketing and distributing a competitive line of short to mid term fixed rate and immediate annuity products as well as Medicare supplement insurance.

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The Manhattan Life Insurance Company offers Medicare supplement insurance, life & supplemental health insurance, and fixed rate annuities in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Combined, these four companies are licensed in all 50 states and Puerto Rico offering a wide range of life and health insurance products and fixed annuities through multiple distribution systems. Additionally, all four operating companies offer a range of reinsurance facilities. Since 1982, the companies have completed over 60 such reinsurance transactions. The companies maintain financial strength ratings of BBB+ by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA). 

Our Mission

The ManhattanLife companies are committed to providing reliable, innovative, and cost-effective products, whether it’s reinsurance facilities for the life and health insurance industries or life and health products for the general public.


We recognize the diverse needs of our clients and believe in meeting those needs with integrity and passion. We are continually developing our technology to improve our sales, underwriting, billing, and customer service processes in order to create excellent client experiences. Innovation, stability, and responsive service characterize the core of our business.


We hold ourselves to a high ethical standard, and our mission is to continue growing and serving our clients and the marketplace with quality service and products.


Standing By You. Since 1850.

On May 29, 1850, The Manhattan Life Insurance Company was founded. Since then, we have created a legacy of independence and reliability that is centered around standing by our policyholders and our producer partners who represent us. With 170 years to draw from, we have many stories demonstrating this commitment.


When we look back throughout our company’s history we find remarkable milestones that are stories of “firsts” within and outside the industry. One of our firsts is something that you probably wouldn’t expect from an insurance company. In 1892 ManhattanLife commissioned the construction of America’s very first skyscraper! Our new headquarters stood 26 stories proud at 66 Broadway in New York City and took just over 2 years to build. Another first in our history was writing the first policy for women — 50 years prior to the Suffragette movement. And in 1864 we were also the first American insurance company to write in a Clause of Incontestability into all of ManhattanLife policies, specifically to protect policyholders.


A more contemporary story occurred in 2014 when our company’s leadership decided to take the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to court — and won — to ensure your right to fixed indemnity insurance without having to prove preexisting major medical coverage. ManhattanLife was the first and only insurance company to take a stand for policyholders to secure this access.


Since 1850, we’ve always operated according to our vision and values. We’re proud of our storied history with its many memorable milestones —and our future looks just as bright.