ManhattanLife's Senior Lighthouse Series

Policies that protect you and annuities that yield predictable returns as you chart life’s journey.
Standing By You.

ManhattanLife's Senior Lighthouse Series

Policies that protect you and annuities that yield predictable returns as you chart life’s journey.
Standing By You.


Giving seniors the tools to sustain health, wealth, and security.

Health planning for your senior years doesn't have to be a challenge. The ManhattanLife Lighthouse Series of senior products is your one-source senior health insurance solution for filling gaps traditional health coverage may leave behind. Choose from our Medicare Supplement, Cancer and/or Heart & Stroke, Home Health Care, Final Expense, and Dental, Vision & Hearing plans. Take control of your health choices and tailor coverage that fits your needs!



Medicare was not designed to cover 100% of doctor and hospital bills. Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, Medicare Supplement plans from ManhattanLife provide a more cohesive approach to health and financial well-being by covering costs such as co-insurance, co-payments, and deductibles.


Our dental, vision, and hearing plan leaves the choice of dentist or doctor in your hands with guaranteed issue and renewal for life. It provides coverage at the dentist as well as vision and hearing benefits for things like contact lenses, hearing aids, eye exams, and more!


Home Health Care Select was designed to affordably provide you the flexibility and the financial support you need to recover at home.
Choose from 3 base plan options that include: Home Health Care Aide, a Prescription Drug benefit and more!


Lump Sum benefit options up to $75,000 help provide substantial financial help in the event of a Cancer, and/or Heart & Stroke diagnosis . These funds are paid directly to you allowing for the prioritization of financial obligations, such as mortgages and car payments, which help financial hardships.


ManhattanLife’s Short-Term Care insurance plan is designed to financially help individuals who are faced with the physical challenges caused by and injury, illness or medical condition.


ManhattanLife annuities provide an additional tax-deferred investing option to IRA’s and 401(k)s. They also enable you to turn a lump sum into guaranteed income for life. ManhattanLife annuities also allow penalty-free partial surrenders up to 15% each calendar year, 50% more than the industry average.


A Whole Life insurance policy designed to cover medical bills, existing debt, and funeral expenses that may be left behind, helping to protect your loved ones from these financial burdens.