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Aspects of Annuities, Part 3: Customer Care and Bridging Your Financial Future

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Try thinking of the last customer service experience you had. What was it like? Was it over the phone or in person? Did that interaction make you want to remain a customer or seek the business’s products and services again? Almost every day seems to include various customer service experiences. Though each of these moments is simply a snapshot in our lives, there is a handful of these experiences we remember, ones that leave an indelible impression, whether that be positive or otherwise. In these situations, what often makes the greatest difference is who the people, the customers, communicate with.

There are a few key parts to consider about the Company’s representatives or associates: how they inform, how they help, and how they transform seemingly insurmountable needs into viable solutions. According to a 2021 study, 80% of consumers feel more emotionally connected to a company when customer service solves their problem.* Yet there is an impersonal, procedural feeling from a financial transaction that some people have come to expect.

The employees and insurance producers with Western United Life Assurance Company, a ManhattanLife Company, are refreshingly different. They invite an exchange with a true, person-to-person connection in which the contract holder feels heard, informed, and generally, reassured. As specialists in annuity purchases and management, they initiate these human relationships that lay the foundation for productive and lasting relationships.

West of the Rocky Mountain foothills and not too far south from “The Great White North” sits the city of Spokane, Washington. As of 2023, its population consists of over 228,000 people residing throughout the charming and serenely scenic town. The Annuities Operations office for ManhattanLife is just off West Sprague Avenue, a building set within the historic downtown area, replete with thriving businesses, entertainment, and architecture that stuns.

As previously stated, Western United Life Assurance Company issued its first contract in 1978.The industry has steadily evolved since then and so has the Company, evidenced by its tremendous growth. Its office now includes a dedicated staff of 35 people who provide excellent service to over 25,000 contract holders, and where phone calls are answered by a live person in the United States. These individuals understand the importance of having an annuity contract that entirely matches the customer’s plans, thereby aiding the customer in reaching their retirement goals by supplementing the accessible funds for their later years. The staff and producers help achieve this by ensuring the customer obtains an annuity with prudence and purpose behind it, whether that means purchasing our Discovery Plus or Navigator Elite MVA products, among several options. 

All Western United Life Assurance and Manhattan Life Insurance annuity contracts are serviced out of the Annuity Operations office, led by Western United Life Assurance Company President Marc Puzzo. Additionally, there are four Regional Vice Presidents across the country in the following states: Washington, Texas, Minnesota, and Connecticut.

For the past 40 years, Western United Life Assurance Company has offered among the most consumer-oriented fixed annuities in the business. The Company’s many decades of endurance are largely fueled by this unyielding goal to prioritize the customer’s interests and needs. That prioritization is fully reflected in the office’s highly trained and responsive staff which has an average tenure of over 12 years, with a management team that has an average tenure of over 20 years. They are an extremely helpful group, each of them willing to work determinedly to help solidify the next chapter in your life story. Their level of customer care remains unmatched, as they recognize the sensitivity and seriousness of investing in your financial future. Feel free to give them a call or chat with one of our supportive producers to find out more about the annuities we offer. After a most pleasant introduction with a friendly grin you can practically hear on the other end, you’ll know that you’ve made the ideal choice for an annuity provider.

Get started with the Annuities Overview on our website! You can also have a producer contact you. To contact Western United Life Assurance Company regarding a contract, please call 800-247-2045.

For the history of annuities and how different types of annuities function, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series.



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