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A Few Things Medicare Won't Cover, and How to Pay for Them

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Dental Care

Medicare Does NOT cover the following types of dental care:

  • Routine visits or cleanings
  • Common treatments like root canals and fillings
  • Dentures
  • Major treatments like oral surgery or treatment of gum disease

How to Pay for Dental Care

Some dental insurance plans, like that of ManhattanLife, are tailored to older clients. Our Dental, Vision, and Hearing plan is guaranteed issue to age 86, with guaranteed renewability for life. The plan also covers costs associated with some vision and hearing services, like eye exams, glasses, contacts, hearing exams, and hearing aids. The plan is not restricted to a network and will pay benefits based on charges from the dentist of your choice.

Also, some Medicare Advantage plans offered by private insurers will cover some dental services, however, benefits are limited and only cover certain dentists, so make sure to read over the benefits provided and the networks of providers.

Long-Term Care

While Medicare Part A covers nursing care facilities, it only does so if skilled nursing care is required. Skilled nursing care would include things like changing surgical dressing and other services in which a knowledgeable medical assistant is necessary. So, if you need help with things like bathing, eating or using the restroom, Medicare will not cover that type of routine care, although around 70% of retirees will need it at some time or another.

How to Pay for Long-Term Care Costs

Long-Term Care Insurance provides the simplest answer. These policies will provide a daily benefit to cover routine care needed at home.

Also, qualifying for Medicaid or VA benefits will provide you with payments for nursing home care.

 Glasses and Hearing Aids

Medicare Advantage plans will often cover some of these costs, but not all. The VA will provide a no-cost hearing aid for most eligible veterans.

Some private insurers offer DVH, or Dental, Vision and Hearing plans as a bundle. These plans are usually low-cost, and provide the most efficient way to cover all of these costs.

For more information on ManhattanLife’s DVH product, which is guaranteed issue to age 86, please visit our Dental, Vision, and Hearing page.

For Medicare Supplement visit ManhattanLife's Medicare Supplement Plans.


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