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7 Tips for Medicare Fraud Protection

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1. Protect your Medicare number, found on your Medicare card, just as you do your Social Security Number. Remember to NEVER give out your Medicare Number or Social Security Number unless it is to your doctor or other authorized Medicare provider.

2. Remember that nothing is ever “free”, and you should not accept offers of money or gifts for free medical care.

3. Review your Medicare statements to ensure they match the services and care you received. If you were in the hospital, review the admission date, discharge date, and diagnosis to ensure they are correctly recorded.

4. Ask Questions. You have the right to know everything about your medical care, like what is or isn’t covered by Medicare.

5. Only accept recommendations on healthcare services from your doctor or other Medicare providers. Do not allow anyone convince you to contact your doctor to request a service you don’t need.

6. Do not buy medical supplies from door-to-door salesmen. Medicare and Medicaid do not send representatives to your home to sell products or services, so if a salesman claims he or she is with Medicare, they are lying.

7. Do not hesitate to report instances of fraud. If you are suspicious that you are the target of Medicare related fraud, call 1-800-MEDICARE.

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