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5 Ways Pets Make Us Healthier People

dog on leash laying in grass
  1. They Boost Your Mood. Studies show that having a pet can be very beneficial to an owner’s mood and happiness in general. Pet owners were shown to have raised levels of dopamine and serotonin, the neurotransmitters associated with pleasure and tranquility. In this way, pets can aid issues with depression and loneliness. So, as far as your brain is concerned, having a pet can be the equivalent of having a human companion.

  2. They Keep You Active. Having a pet encourages us to get out of the house and go outdoors more. As well as our trusty companions, pets serve as great motivators to get up, get outside, and walk, run, or even go on a bike ride. So, next time Rocky wakes you up at 6 a.m. begging to go outside, just remember it’s for your own good.

  3. They Help Us Socialize. Pet owners share a connection that those without pets may not understand. In public, having a pet with you can make you more approachable, and can serve as a great icebreaker to strike up a conversation. In these situations, pets help us feel more confident, and can provide you with the perfect “wingman”.

  4. They Boost Our Immune Systems. Studies show that children who grow up in a household of pets, mainly dogs, develop stronger immune systems. One study found that children who were surrounded by dogs since birth required significantly less antibiotics throughout their childhood. Just another reason dogs can be the perfect best friend to a growing child.

  5. They Reduce Our Stress. Studies show that having a pet reduces the stresses we receive from our daily lives. One study done on stock traders, a high risk and high intensity job, found that those who traded with the company of a pet found their job to be less stressful. Also, pets have been proven to lower blood pressure. So, if you’ve been working hard and feel the pressure from your daily life affecting you, try seeking the company of a pet companion.

    So, it’s obvious that we could all use the company of a pet in our lives, all that’s left to do is decide what kind of pet is perfect for you.


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