To complete the annuity appointment and agreement process, and before you present annuity products to prospective clients for Manhattan Life Insurance Company (MLIC) and/or Western United Life Assurance Company (WULA), (the Company):

  1. This entire Annuity Producer Appointment & Agreement Packet must be completed, signed and returned along with the following applicable requirements.
  2. A copy of your insurance license(s) for each state you wish to be appointed in.
  3. Proof of any Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training you may have taken within the last 2 years. If you do not already have an AML Certification with another company, please go to LIMRA and complete it there.
  5. Proof of completion of CE Annuity Suitability Training course, for any state* you wish to be appointed in that follows the NAIC Model Regulation #275, Annuity Suitability in Annuity Transactions / Best Interest Standard. A few resources for this Continuing Education course include, but are not limited to:
    1. RegEd
    2. The Success Family of CE Companies
    3. United Insurance Educators, Inc. - discount codes: GOHAWKS or UIECE20
    4. WebCE
  6. Return Certificates of Completion for our applicable Annuity Product Training presentations:
    1. MYGA Training Presentation - Required for Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity products
    2. New York Regulation 60 and 194 Training - Required for products where the Owner resides in New York (MLIC Only)
    3. FIA Training Presentation - Required for Fixed-Index Annuity products (WULA only)
    4. SPIA Training Presentation - Required for Single Premium Immediate Annuity products (WULA Only)

You may upload, fax, or mail all completed paperwork to the Annuity Operations Office. Once received, we will complete the appointment process and send you a Company signed copy of the Annuity Producer Agreement for your records. The attached, completed Application for Appointment along with the Annuity Producer Agreement becomes a legal Contract between You and the Company.

Thank you,

Annuity Marketing Administration

*California requires an 8-hour Annuity Suitability course. Iowa requires producers to complete at least on four-credit indexed products training course if they wish to sell indexed products in Iowa.


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