Why Supplemental Insurance from ManhattanLife?

Health insurance doesn’t cover all medical events and costs, which is why supplemental coverage makes financial sense for many consumers. Supplemental insurance policies from ManhattanLife provide extra or additional insurance to help you pay for services and out-of-pocket expenses that major medical insurance does not cover.


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Just like flood or life insurance gives you an extra peace of mind, ManhattanLife supplemental health insurance will ensure you are covered if the unexpected happens.

Supplement health insurance from ManhattanLife can also make financial sense for those with high-deductible plans. With health-care costs rising, many employees and individuals are opting  for a high-deductible insurance plan which brings lower monthly premiums but have higher out-of-pocket costs if care is needed.

If you have a pretty high deductible and out-of-pocket participation, it can make sense to pay lower supplemental premiums instead of paying a $5,000 or more deductible if you get hurt. ManhattanLife supplemental plans can help pay the deductible and costs or they can pay out a lump sum of money once or each day that you are eligible for the cover.

Another thing to consider is if you would have other non-medical costs like lost wages or missed mortgage payments due to a hospital stay. A supplemental plan from ManhattanLife would cover those types of expenses.

And it also pays to look at your family’s health history. If breast cancer is prevalent in your family, purchasing a critical illness or cancer insurance plan could prevent high medical bills in the future if you do get the disease.