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Voluntary Benefits: Introducing Quick Case

manhattanlife quick case voluntary benefits

What is Quick Case?

Quick Case is a powerful, turnkey solution for adding the most popular group voluntary benefits product offerings on a guarantee issue basis for small business employees and their families. ManhattanLife is also keeping the administration services simple to help you deliver added value with implementation in five business days.

Quick Case product offerings are positioned to help employees address commonly unmet financial needs and offer an excellent complement to other employer-sponsored health and wellness initiatives.

For groups with 10+ eligible employees, Quick Case can include any of the following group plans (If Accident is sold as the only offer, then case size may decrease to 2 employees):


•Critical Illness

•Hospital Indemnity

•HI+ Plus

•Level Term Life

Quick Case Highlights

•Simplified enrollment - electronic or paper form solutions.

•Free call center solution through the ManhattanLife Benefit Center.

•Minimum of only 5 applications per product (Accident requires only 2 applications).

•All group products.

•Guarantee Issue - NO Underwriting!

•Well-Being Benefit built-in to many of the product offerings, which includes a health screening and lifestyle rewards program.

Dedicated Sales Team

Contact your ManhattanLife sales representative or email us at VBSales@manhattanlife.com to learn more about this exciting program and how we can help enhance your employer groups!

You can also visit our Quick Case - Voluntary Benefits page.


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