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Top 3 Apps to Train Your Brain

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Peak offers a wide selection of mini-games that stimulate your mind in various fields, including memory, language, mental agility and attention. Peak even provides you with a brain training ‘coach’, an aspect of the application that will challenge you with new tasks, track your progress, and show you where to improve. Researchers from Cambridge, Yale, UCL, and King’s College London work with peak to develop innovative games to stimulate and strengthen your mind.


Lumosity was one of the first apps to break into the brain-training field. To begin, you will be tested in 3 fields to determine your baseline in each subject. From there, you will work to improve these scores over time. All of your scores along the way will be compared to average scores in your age group. Your daily ‘workouts’ will challenge you in 5 core cognitive abilities with games that adapt to your personal skill level.


Elevate is another great app to keep you sharp. It takes a practical approach, challenging users with games that target specific everyday tasks, like calculating a tip or writing a clear e-mail to an employee. It offers step-by-step instructions to improve your performance in the subjects of writing, listening, speaking, reading and math.


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