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The Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period - What Can You Do?

medicare advantage disenrollment calendar dates

When is the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period?

  • January 1 through March 31.

What can you do during this time?

  • You can leave your current Medicare Advantage plan and switch to Original Medicare (Parts A and B)
  • If you switch to Original Medicare, you can also join a Medicare prescription drug plan. Coverage begins the first day of the month after your enrollment form is received.

What can’t you do during this time?

  • You can’t switch from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan, or switch from one Medicare Advantage to another.
  • You can’t switch from one Medicare prescription drug plan to another.
  • You can’t join, switch, or drop a MSA (Medical Savings Account) Plan

If you decide to switch back to Original Medicare (Parts A and B), you are eligible to apply for a Medicare Supplement plan.

Visit our Medicare Supplement Plans page for more information.


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