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The ManhattanLife Lighthouse Series of Senior Products

Lighthouse Series annoucement

The ManhattanLife Lighthouse Series

The ManhattanLife Lighthouse Series was created to ensure that ManhattanLife continues to serve a rapidly expanding senior market.

Designed specifically to meet the unique needs many seniors have, the ManhattanLife Lighthouse Series is meant to provide added security and protection when you need it most.

As part of the ManhattanLife Lighthouse Series, we’re offering:

  • Cancer and/or Heart & Stroke
  • Home Health Care
  • Medicare Supplement
  • 2 Dental, Vision & Hearing plan options
  • Final Expense Life Insurance

Choose one or multiple plans to build coverage that best meet your insurance needs.

Cancer and/or Heart & Stroke (CHAS)

For life’s uncertainties.

Heart disease, cancer, and stroke are in the top 5 causes of death in the United States. Insurance can help bridge the gap traditional insurance may leave behind and help lessen the financial burden of a diagnosis.

With Cancer and/or Heart & Stroke, you can choose Cancer coverage, Heart & Stroke coverage, or a combination of both. Include a Cancer Recurrence Rider and/or a Heart & Stroke Restoration of Benefits Rider to add value and longevity to the policy! 

Heart & Stroke coverage includes qualifying events such as heart attack, stroke, heart transplant, coronary artery bypass surgery, aortic surgery, heart valve replacement/repair surgery, angioplasty, and stents.

Benefit amounts for each policy and each optional rider start at $5,000 and may go up to $75,000 in $5,000 increments.

Home Health Care

Recover at home in the comfort of your family and friends.

Home Health Care provides the opportunity to recover at home when a sudden illness, injury, or debilitating chronic condition strikes.

You’ll have flexible, affordable, and guaranteed for life coverage. Choose from one of three plans: Classic/Premier/Deluxe.

Among many other benefits, HHC also features:

  • Flexible Maximum Daily Benefits
  • Prescription Drug Benefit
  • Restoration of Benefits
  • Home Health Care Aide included
  • Multiple Riders Available

Our prescription drug benefit helps cover a portion of both generic and brand prescription drugs with maximum benefits of $300/$600/$600 per year.

Under the policy’s built-in Restoration of Benefits, the Maximum Benefit Period for Home Health Care and Aide benefits will be restored if benefits have not been paid or required for 180 consecutive days.

You can add an Extra Benefits Rider, an Ambulance Benefit Rider, and/or a Critical Accident Benefit Rider for additional premium and build even more coverage.

Home Health Care is available in 10 states under ManhattanLife Assurance Company of America and 20 states under Standard Life and Casualty Insurance Company.

Medicare Supplement

A policy to supplement your Medicare plan to help keep your out-of-pocket healthcare costs down.

Medicare Supplement plans are government standardized, meaning the benefits across each plan must be the same regardless of the company that offers them. The difference comes with quality of service and premiums.

At ManhattanLife, we’re delivering a Medicare Supplement offering backed by our strong customer support, reliable claims processing, and competitive prices. Choose from Plans A, F*, G, and N and find the coverage that best meets your needs.

Medicare Supplement is currently approved in 16 states under ManhattanLife of America Insurance Company.

Dental, Vision & Hearing (DVH)

2 Dental, Vision & Hearing plans to choose from to best meet your needs.

We’re now offering 2 Dental, Vision & Hearing (DVH) plans! Both include Day 1 coverage for Preventative or Basic Services.

With our original DVH, you’ll have bundled dental, vision & hearing coverage.

With DVH Select, you start with a base dental plan and choose whether you want to add vision and/or hearing coverage. DVH Select includes a 50% orthodontia benefits from Year 2 onwards.

Final Expense Life Insurance

Helping to provide peace of mind for your loved ones.

Life insurance can play an important role in paying final debts we may leave behind, helping our families with funeral expenses, mortgage payments, or for any other expenses they may have.

Final Expense is a whole life policy that provides your family with an immediate death benefit that they can use towards their most pressing financial needs.

Final Expense Life Insurance is approved in 19 states under Standard Life and Casualty Insurance Company.




For all products listed: Not all plans, benefits, and riders available in all states.

ManhattanLife is the brand name for plans, products, and services provided by one or more of the subsidiaries and affiliate companies of Manhattan Life Group Inc. (“ManhattanLife Entities”). Plans, products, and services are solely and only provided by one or more ManhattanLife Entities specified on the plan, product, or service contract, not Manhattan Life Group Inc. Not all plans, products, and services are available in each state.

ManhattanLife Assurance Company of America, Standard Life and Casualty Insurance Company, ManhattanLife of America Insurance Company, Family Life Insurance Company, and Western United Life Assurance Company are all ManhattanLife Entities.

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