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Save on Medicare Supplement with Our Household Discount

two story house household discount

What Exactly is the “Household Discount”? Do I Need to be Married to Qualify?

The “Spousal Discount” refers to the discounted rates offered to applicants who are married and reside with their spouse. At Manhattan we offer a more inclusive version of the Spousal Discount, referred to as the “Household Discount”. The discount not only applies to married individuals residing with their spouse, but also to non-married individuals who reside with an individual meeting certain qualifications. If you are not married, but have resided with an individual who is 60 years or older for the past 12 months or longer you may also qualify! This allows individuals in so called “common law” marriages, who live with a family member 60 years or older, or in any other situation meeting the “past 12 months” and “60 years or older” requirements, to benefit from the savings traditionally only offered to married individuals. These savings are significant, and range from 7%-12% in most states!

*Disclaimer: Additional qualifications for the Household Discount exist in some states due to mandates from the Department Of Insurance in that state.

Visit ManhattanLife's Medicare Supplment for plan information.


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