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Report Medicare Fraud and Get Up To $1,000

medicare fraud signs

Medicare is asking for the assistance from American citizens in fighting the medical fraud epidemic. If you encounter and report fraud, and these five conditions are met, Medicare will pay you up to $1,000.

  1. You report the suspected Medicare fraud. The allegation must specify an individual or operation, and cannot be general.
  2. The suspected Medicare fraud you report must be confirmed as potential fraud by the Program Safeguard Contractor, the Zone Program Integrity Contractor, or the Medicare Drug Integrity Contractor, and formally referred as part of the case by one of the contractors to the Office of Inspector General for further investigation.
  3. You aren’t an “excluded individual”. In other words, you didn’t participate in the fraudulent offense being reported, or there isn’t another reward program that you qualify for under another government program.
  4. The person you are reporting is not already under investigation by law enforcement.
  5. Your report leads directly to the recovery of at least $100 of Medicare money.

Note that the amount of the incentive reward cannot exceed 10% of the overpayments recovered or $1,000, whichever is less. To learn more about the incentives program, call 1-800-MEDICARE.

So, next time you think you encounter fraud, don’t simply hang up the phone.  Get as much information as you can and report it to Medicare to ensure these criminals receive the punishment they deserve.


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