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A Few Myths about Medicare Supplement, or Medigap

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Myth: You can only switch plans during open enrollment. 
Fact:The truth is a Medicare Supplement beneficiary can change their coverage at any point throughout the year. There are certain periods, however, that allow you to avoid answering medical questions that could keep you from getting a Medigap plan. Open enrollment, for example, is the 6-month period that begins after you turn 65 and receive Medicare Part B. For our full article on the various Medicare Supplement election periods, visit: Why-Its-Not-Too-Late-To-Get-Guaranteed-Medigap-Coverage

Myth: Medigap offers a restricted network of doctors. 
Fact: Unlike most Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap, allow you to see the doctor of your choice.

Myth: Since all Medicare Supplement companies offer the same products, I should buy from the largest, most well-known company. 
Fact: Medigap plans will perform exactly the same way, but their prices will not. The most well-known companies don’t always have the best rates in your state, so make sure to get your Medigap quote to compare monthly premiums.

Visit our Medicare Supplement Plans page for plan information.


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