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19 Things to Try in Retirement!

19 retirement activities

Your Next Big Adventure!

  1. Get out and grow
    • Start a garden! Grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, or a mix. You can start a patch in the backyard, get a raised garden bed, or do indoor or outdoor container gardening.
  2. Sports enthusiasts
    • Join a sports league. Many cities and town have senior sports leagues, and if yours doesn’t, maybe you can be the one who starts it.
  3. A class on flexibility
    • If you’re more interested in a quiet workout environment, try out a yoga class. Yoga gives you the benefits of exercise and community.
  4. Share your time
    • Teach a class at the local library or volunteer at the local food bank, shelter, or animal shelter. Volunteering is a way to connect with other people while also giving back to the community.
  5. Arts & Crafts
    • Embroidery, woodworking, crochet, sewing, floral arrangements, carpentry, painting, clay working - there's an endless list of different arts and crafts to get into.
  6. Dance the night away
    • Learn a new dance! Salsa, meringue, foxtrot, ballroom – you can find classes for pretty much any dance you can think of.   
  7. Writing
    • Sign up for a creative writing, poetry, or even a screen writing workshop. Or keep it more casual with daily journaling.
  8. Sailing through retirement
    • If you live near sailing towns, join a sailing club!
  9. Surf’s up!
    • Learn to surf. Some beaches offer surf lessons year-round!
  10. Linguistic Interest
    • Learn a new language
  11. Family Fun
    • Spend time with relatives, watch grandkids
  12. Photography
    • From landscapes to portraits to flowers and animals, you can find interesting subject matter everywhere.
  13. Not just for kids
    • Video games aren’t just for kids! Try console, computer, or handheld games. From puzzle to action to open-world games, there’s something for everyone.
  14. Learn astronomy and go stargazing
    • You may have to drive a bit outside of the city to see a clear sky, but the sight will be worth it. Learn about astronomy and the best times to see the most interesting planets, constellations, and stars.
  15. Find a local part-time job
    • Not ready to give up working entirely? A part-time job can help keep you connected to other people and also supplement your income if needed.
  16. Plan a trip
    • If you’ve got more time than ever on your hands, think about a long trip! Try a cross-country road trip or an overseas adventure.
  17. Join the local theater troupe
    • Audition for the local theater troupe. Theater is another activity that can help keep you connected to other people
  18. Hit the books!
    • Take some classes at the local community college or university. It’s never too late to learn something new!
  19. For the reading enthusiasts
    • Start a book club! Stick to one genre or try a new one for every book. You’ll find new stories and get to share them with others too!

Remember that retirement is meant to be for you. If you start a hobby or activity and decide you’re not that interested after all, you can still move on to the next new thing. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be perfect or even good at the activity. If it brings you enjoyment, then it’s worth the experience!

Consult your healthcare provider when trying to determine the amount of physical activity that’s best and safest for you.

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