Cancer Insurance
Coverage for specialized healthcare.


Putting employees and their families in control of out-of-pocket expenses.

Cancer insurance from ManhattanLife, sometimes referred to as supplemental cancer insurance, is an important benefit you can offer your employees to enhance your benefit package while helping employees protect themselves from the copays, deductibles, and other expenses that come with fighting a cancer diagnosis.

ManhattanLife offers two different cancer policies – ManhattanLife Critical Illness and Cancer, a lump sum policy that is part of our Prestige series, and Cancer Care Plus through our Premier series. Both deliver peace of mind by helping employees and their families cover a variety of expenses .



More than 15.5 million Americans with a history of cancer were alive January 1, 2016. Most were diagnosed many years ago and have no current evidence of cancer.1


More than 1.7 million new cancer cases were expected to be diagnosed in 2019.1


Cancer is responsible for approximately 1,660 deaths each day.2




Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the U.S.2


Nearly 607,000 Americans were expected to die of cancer in 2019.1


Hospital outpatient and office-based provider visits were responsible for 52% of the $80.2 billion in direct medical costs related to cancer treatment in 2015.2


Sources for statistics: 1American Cancer Society - Cancer Facts and Figures 2019; 2National Cancer Institute

The cited facts represent the U. S. population, are for information only, and do not imply coverage under the policy or endorsement of the company