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COVID-19 Testing


We understand these difficult times and are here to help. ManhattanLife’s accident and some of its critical illness and hospital plans provide an annual wellness or health screening benefit. If you have not already used this benefit this year, it would be available to you because of your doctor’s visit.



Staying at home is well advised, and in many places, mandatory. Typically our policies that offer telemedicine have no consultation fee. During this time, if your plan does not have a specific telemedicine benefit but does have an office visit benefit, we are making an exception and approving a telemedicine consultation under the office visit benefit. Annual maximums for the telemedicine and office visit benefits are still in effect, so this exception applies if you have not met your policy maximums.



Tests for COVID-19, as well as other laboratory tests, may be covered as a wellness or health screening benefit under your ManhattanLife plans. We say may as it depends on the type of coverage you purchased. In the event of not having a diagnosis, it likely would not qualify for benefits due to sickness or injury.



COVID-19 Diagnoses


Having documentation is required and if it is signed, employer documentation and a signed physician’s statement indicating you are disabled and not working or receiving income, then you may receive benefits subject to any waiting and/or elimination periods.



We are here to help. Documentation with a positive diagnosis code will be necessary, including both employer and physician statements indicating you are not working as well as having a loss of income. Any required elimination period would need to be met as outlined by the policy. Benefits for events other than disability will be paid as outlined in the policy.



Some of our coverages have a waiver of premium benefit if they are disabled. If you meet those requirements, then premiums will be waived during the period of your disability. Standard premium-paying practices still apply, and we continue to monitor the effects COVID-19 is having on an economic, social and health basis. If you would like to set up a payment plan or discuss premium payment options, we urge consumers facing this situation to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-999-2971.





We are here to help. ManhattanLife provides benefits for hospitalization under our fixed indemnity plans or possibly under the short-term disability plan. Please refer to your policy or certificate for benefit amounts and benefit eligibility. This information can be accessed online at or by contacting customer service.



Yes, ManhattanLife hospital indemnity plans will cover treatment in a “makeshift” facility that is authorized by a qualifying hospital facility for treatment and where qualified charges are incurred.



Voluntary Benefits and COVID-19