Monday, May 22, 2017

Manhattan Life Group (MLG) is a group of four operating life and health insurance companies:

The Manhattan Life Insurance Company, Central United Life Insurance Company, Western United Life Assurance Company and Family Life Insurance Company. Since as early as 1850, these companies have provided secure and innovative life and health insurance products and services throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Manhattan Life offers life and supplemental health insurance in North America and dollar denominated life products throughout Asia, Central and South America.

Central United Life Insurance Company provides life insurance, health and accident benefits, and cancer insurance for today's policyholder.

Family Life is a provider of Medicare supplement insurance, mortgage protection life insurance and a full line of products offered throughout North and South America.

Since 1963, Western United Life has been marketing and distributing a competitive line of short to mid term fixed rate and immediate annuity products.

Combined, these four companies are licensed in all 50 states and offer a wide range of life and health insurance products through multiple distribution systems. Additionally, all four operating companies offer a range of reinsurance facilities. Since 1982, the companies have completed over 60 such reinsurance transactions.

The companies maintain an A.M. Best rating of B+ (Secure).

Our Mission

The Manhattan Life Group companies are committed to providing reliable, innovative and cost effective reinsurance facilities to the life and health insurance industry as well as a wide range of life and health products to the general public through a multi-distribution system.

We are focused on steady continual growth by providing a quality portfolio of products, personal customer service and financial soundness. With roots firmly grounded in a commitment forged more than 150 years ago, we hold fast to high ethical standards of quality service to our agents, our customers and our employees. Stability, innovation, growth, and responsive service are the characteristics that define the core of our business.

We recognize not only the diverse needs of our policyholders and agents, but also the wide range of options available to deliver our products in order to serve the marketplace more efficiently. Thus we put technology at the forefront and utilize it to further improve our sales, underwriting, billing and customer service processes.

Western United Life Assurance Building