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PAID new benefits
Personal Accident Insurance from ManhattanLife: New and Expanded Benefits

As the insurance market changes, we work to keep our product portfolio relevant, robust, and competitive. We stay focused on how to best meet the emerging needs of our insureds and keep them in mind whether we design a new product or enhance an existing one. 

Every year, millions of people end up at their doctor’s office or in the emergency room because of an accidental injury. Our Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery (P.A.I.D.) policy helps keep accident related out-of-pocket expenses down, and we’re taking our coverage to the next level.

In January 2021, we’re introducing 10 new benefits and enhancing 11 already built-in benefits! Insureds can still choose the coverage that best suits their needs with our “one-unit” and “two-unit” plan options, but they have even more they can count on whichever option they choose. 

Table listing new benefits for the Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery from ManhattanLife

New benefits listed above: Urgent Care Facility, Physician's Follow-Up Visits, Chiropractor Visits, X-Rays, Rehabilitation Unit-Admission, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Concussion, Coma, Ambulatory Surgical Center/Facility and/or Outpatient Hospital Facility.

Table detailing enhancements to some of the current benefits available with the one-unit and two-unit Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery insurance from ManhattanLife

Enhanced benefits listed above: Physician's Office Visit, Ambulance (Air/Ground), Physical Therapy, Surgery, Hospital Admission, Hospital Confinement, Hospital ICU Confinement, Prosthesis, Tendon/Ligament/Rotator Cuff Repair, Ruptured Disc, and Burns. 

If you're interested in purchasing a Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery policy with us, you can contact us directly at 888-441-0770 or fill out your contact information here and have an Agent contact you directly.

Already have our Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery coverage? Great! You will not have to take any extra steps to get your new and expanded benefits - they come at NO EXTRA COST to you! Simply look out for a letter in the mail confirming these automatic changes to your plan and keep it as part of your policy records. 


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