News from the companies of ManhattanLife

Our Brand

It's not just a brand; it's an identity. A brand defines who you are and what you stand for as a company. Our brand, represented by the imagery of Lady Liberty and the crown, reflects growth, strength and integrity.

As we move to further boost our brand, we are pleased to announce that we will be changing the name of Central United Life Insurance Company (CUL) to the ManhattanLife Assurance Company of America. Our branding will still be represented by the trademark crown above the brand name ManhattanLife.

As we receive approvals from states over the ensuing months agents and policyholders may notice the branding transition from CUL to ManhattanLife or, depending on the document, ManhattanLife Assurance Company of America.

This name change will be reflected in all aspects of our companies, ranging from policyholder and agent portals on our website to all correspondence including letterheads and billing statements.  Ultimately, policy forms will be amended to reflect the name change.

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