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ManhattanLife partners with Health in Tech, an advanced online platform

[STUART, Fla Sept 6.] – Health In Tech, an industry-leading insurtech company that delivers disruptive innovation and re-imagines self-funded health plans, is excited to introduce additional Healthcare products to address customers’ needs holistically. These new offerings, including Critical Illness, Accident, Dental, Vision, Term Life, and GAP coverage, aim to provide comprehensive options to health insurance brokers and their small business customers.

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to surpass our clients’ expectations while continuously adapting to their evolving requirements,” emphasized Tim Johnson, CEO of Health In Tech. “We are privileged to collaborate with ManhattanLife, a venerable institution in the American insurance landscape, in delivering crucial healthcare products. This expansion of our product range not only enhances our portfolio but also reaffirms our unwavering dedication to furnishing a comprehensive and diverse array of health coverage options.”

Critical Illness and Cancer Voluntary Coverage ensures that policyholders receive benefits after being diagnosed with serious illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, coronary artery diseases, and cancer. These plans help provide peace of mind and a safety net by easing the financial burden of medical and daily living costs during recovery. Policyholders can utilize the benefit payments for various purposes such as mortgage payments, hiring in-home caregivers, covering medical bills, or financing travel to treatment facilities, alleviating the financial strain associated with critical illnesses.

To protect individuals and their families from accidents, Health in Tech now offers Accident Indemnity Plus Coverage. This plan covers accidents, injuries, ambulance services, and accidental death, and can be extended to spouses and children. With the rising number of injuries occurring during sports, leisure activities, and household accidents, Accident Indemnity Plus Coverage provides financial assistance by directly offering benefits to policyholders and helping offset medical plan deductibles and provider bills.

The new Dental Coverage from Health In Tech allows policyholders to visit any dentist and receive unrestricted care. The plan covers all dental procedures at the same percentage, eliminating the need to navigate complex lists of covered and non-covered services. With no limits on the frequency of care, individuals and their dependents can easily maintain optimal dental health.

The new Vision Coverage from Health In Tech allows policyholders to visit any vision provider and does not limit the frequency of care. The plan covers exams, refraction, frames, lenses, and contacts. The Term Life policies are straightforward, easy to understand, and can be tailored to fit changing financial needs. To supplement existing employer medical plans, Health In Tech’s GAP Coverage fills gaps in coverage, creating a robust safety net that can be utilized with our Silver 302 and Bronze 403 plan options. With a straightforward selection process and customizable options, Gap coverage caters to employees’ unique needs while seamlessly integrating with their medical benefits. The program provides a valuable cash benefit that assists with expenses not covered by primary medical plans, allowing employees to prioritize their well-being without additional financial strain. 

Find the full press release on Health in Tech's website here.


About ManhattanLife

ManhattanLife has been a private company since our founding in 1850. This independence has enabled us to remain free to make decisions that align with our values and core mission – helping policyholders attain and sustain health, wealth, and security. We demonstrate this commitment by providing a range of products in all 50 states and U.S. territories, with the utmost professionalism and care.


About Health In Tech

Health In Tech is an industry-leading Insurtech company that delivers disruptive innovation and proprietary technology to reimagine risk, underwriting, and self-funding, making processes better, faster, and more efficient for everyone involved.


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