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A Letter from David W. Harris, Chairman and CEO

In June, the Supreme Court upheld the 2010 health care law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Employers, employees, insurance agents, and insurance carriers had been anticipating how the ruling might have an impact on a wide array of areas ranging from premium impact to plan design changes, which may take until 2014 to take effect.

Through all the uncertainty, one thing is clear – the companies of the Manhattan Insurance Group and our suite of products remain perfectly positioned to provide current and future customers with financial security and peace of mind.

Many consumers are unsure of the law’s impact. It’s important to understand that the law pertains exclusively to comprehensive major medical coverage, not to supplemental health insurance. Therefore, both our current and future customers can rest assured that our commitment to providing affordable, supplemental coverage remains unchanged. 

Our products are designed to provide supplemental benefits that can help to offset expenses that are associated with illness or injury that are not and were never intended to be covered by major medical insurance. Our policies pay in addition to major medical insurance and pay you cash. 

You have probably already experienced some changes. Many employers and employees have seen either sharp increases in insurance premiums, or drastic reductions in benefit coverage. Even before the passage of PPACA, insurance premiums for major medical coverage were increasing while benefits have been or will be scaled back. 

The protection of a supplemental policy can help offset these rising costs and other associated expenses you have when you are sick or hurt. Your insurance agent can show you how our products, coupled with your existing coverage or as stand-alone products, can address your needs and allay potential financial concerns. One of our agents* recently said:

I think it's great that we not only have top quality products for today, but ones that will remain viable if things change. If the legislation stands, we have wonderful supplemental health, cancer, and accident plans to fill the voids in modern plan designs. If eventually overturned, we have best in class plans to provide alternatives for anyone that might find themselves unable to qualify for or afford major medical, as well as supplements for it. I know we will be in a great position to service our clients…we are doing it already."

Change is coming, that much is certain. One thing that is not changing is our commitment to providing our customers with passionate service and good products. We have been providing financial security and peace of mind for our customers since 1850 and have navigated many changes over the years. We will continue to be here when you need us.

David Harris
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

*Mike Benke, Charleston, SC

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