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DVH select - dental, vision and hearing insurance
Introducing: A New Addition to the ManhattanLife DVH Portfolio - DVH Select

ManhattanLife is excited to announce our latest Dental, Vision & Hearing (DVH) addition: DVH Select

ManhattanLife now has two great Dental, Vision & Hearing products to choose from, DVH and DVH Select. 

Our DVH product offers all-in-one coverage. With our new DVH Select, you start with a base Dental plan. You have the option of adding Vision and/or Hearing to that base plan based on the coverage you value most. 

Beginning Day 1, Preventative Dental Services are covered 100% Major Dental is covered 20%. 

Other DVH Select benefits include: 

  • $0 & $100 deductible options
  • Orthodontia now covered 50% Year 2+ for all ages
  • Implants covered 20% in Year 1 & 50% in Year 2+
  • Multiple Policy Year Maximum options in approved states: $1,000 / $1,500 / $3,000 
  • Guaranteed Issue & Renewable for Life
  • Glasses, Contacts & Hearing Aid benefits
  • Access to the Careington Network for dentists & discounted dental services

1 in 4 adults between 20 and 64 years old has at least one cavity.

Cavities can cause pain and infections, such as abscesses in serious cases.

One quarter of adults 65 years or older have 8 or fewer teeth.

Tooth loss can affect your ability to eat meat, fruits, and vegetables. 

93 million U.S. adults are at high risk for vision loss.

             Regular eye exams can help detect common eye diseases and help prevent permanent vision loss

Already, a quarter of adults between 60 and 69 years, more than half of adults between 70 and 79 years, and almost 80 percent of those older than 80 years have difficulty hearing – that’s almost 30 million Americans.


DVH Select is approved in 13 states, launching in 10 more states, and filed in 14 more states under ManhattanLife Assurance Company of America.

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