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hospital indemnity enhancements

The latest Affordable Choice Enhancements from ManhattanLife! See how we're bringing more value to our fixed hospital indemnity insurance. 

PAID new benefits

As the insurance market changes, we work to keep our product portfolio relevant, robust, and competitive. We stay focused on how to best meet the emerging needs of our insureds and keep them in mind whether we design a new product or enhance an existing one. 

manhattanlife lighthouse series annoucement

Designed specifically to meet the unique needs many seniors have, the ManhattanLife Lighthouse Series is meant to provide added security and protection when they need it most.

DVH select - dental, vision and hearing insurance

ManhattanLife is excited to announce our latest Dental, Vision & Hearing (DVH) addition: DVH Select

manahttanlife acquires western skies MGU

ManhattanLife announced today its acquisition of Western Skies MGU, expanding its presence into the self-funded medical stop loss market. Western Skies MGU is a national wholesaler and Program Manager of self-funded medical stop-loss health plans.