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2014 Accolades

At the Manhattan Insurance Group, what we do is work. Day in and day out our associates are here to help provide best-in-class service for our policyholders and our agents. We pride ourselves on going about our work; however, every now and then, we like to brag a little bit.

Recently we’ve been the recipient of some of the industry’s top awards:

  • National Underwriter has recently released its Top 100 list ranking life and health insurers using four key metrics as a measuring stick: net investment income; total enrollment, policyholder surplus and net premiums written. 
  • We’re pleased to announce that we made the cut for both Annuities and Accident & Health. This is a testament to our diversification and financial stability and while we were not surprised to make the list, we’re proud of the fact that we are on it.
  • Making the Ward’s 50 list is no small achievement, either. Once again, we have made that list. Insurance companies are evaluated and must pass minimum thresholds to be considered for the Ward’s 50 designation. Each company must pass primary safety and consistency tests, including:
    • Surplus and premiums of at least $50 million for each of the five years analyzed
    • Adjusted net income in at least four of the last five years.
    • Compound annual growth in premiums between -10% and +40%
  • Companies that pass the safety and consistency tests are measured and scored on the following elements:
    • Five Year Average Return on Average Equity
    • Five Year Average Return on Average Assets
    • Five Year Average Return on Total Revenue
    • Five Year Growth in Revenue
    • Five Year Growth in Surplus

~Todd Hayden, CMO

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