Why a Hospital Indemnity Health Plan?


Hospital Indemnity pays employees a cash benefit when they are hospitalized. They can use the cash benefits however they want – to help pay medical bills or everyday living expenses such as housing, car payments, utility bills, childcare, groceries, and credit card bills. It is an ideal compliment to Employer-based medical coverage.


A Hospital Indemnity Plan:


  • Pays a benefit when you’re hospitalized
  • Pays in addition to any other coverage you may have
  • Lets you use the benefits however you want
  • Can cover you, your spouse and your children


Quick Case™ Hospital Indemnity allows you to choose from three different guarantee issue plan designs (Only one option is selected by the Employer).  Base Coverage and Plan A includes a daily Hospital Benefit, First Admission, and Waiver of Premium.  Plan B adds Well-Being, and Plan C adds In Patient, Out Patient, and Diagnosis benefits. 


Three plans available (select from one) to help meet employee needs, a low, medium, and high option.



More than 20 percent of American adults are struggling to pay their medical bills, and three in five bankruptcies will be due to medical bills.*


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*Christina LaMontagne, VP of Health at NerdWallet, 2013

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