GAP Express

Hospital Confinement Protection Plan
Benefits that really pay... fast.


What is Gap Express?

A Limited Benefit plan, designed to help cover the out-of-pocket cost and fill a growing need in today’s turbulent healthcare marketplace. High deductible plans — designed to keep premiums lower but with higher out-of-pocket costs for employees — have been steadily on the rise.


In 2006, four percent of employees enrolled in a major medical plan were using the High deductible health plan option. In 2016, that figure ballooned to over 30%.*


Patients with high-deductible policies are facing higher out-of-pocket costs, which rose 230 percent from 2006-2015. Out-of-pocket medical expenses have increased nearly 10 percent in 2014-15 while workers’ wages increased just under two percent. For the foreseeable future, high-deductble health plans are a fixture in the marketplace. Fortunately, there are plans that may help reduce out-of-pocket expenses.


The Gap Express is designed with out-of-pocket costs in mind. There are:

  • No deductibles;
  • No network restrictions;
  • Benefits pay directly to you (unless you assign to a provider); and
  • Benefits pay in addition to any other benefits.

Guarantee Issue is available under certain guidelines.


*All statistics cited are from the Kaiser Family Foundation “2016 Employer Health Benefits Survey.”


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