Monday, May 22, 2017

Accident Insurance

Accidents… you can’t plan on them, but you can plan for them. We offer Off-the-Job or 24-hour care plans for helping individuals and their families in case of a covered accident.


Cancer Insurance

Have you done everything you can to protect yourself or your loved ones in the event of cancer? Choose one of four complete benefit packages to help with the direct and indirect medical costs of cancer.


Critical Care Insurance

We offer three plans that could help you and your family in the event of serious health events such as a heart attack, stroke and/or paralysis.


Dental and Vision

An effective way to control your expenses in today’s economy. Our group dental and vision plans offer a way to cover your employees dental and vision expenses, from routine checkups to serious events.


Disability Insurance

Manhattan Life offers a plan that can provide monthly benefits in the event of a disability that leaves you out of work and out of pay. Learn how our plans can help a covered person work through the difficulty of lost wages due to sickness or injury.


Fixed Deferred Annuity

Choosing from today’s overwhelming assortment of investment, retirement savings, and life insurance options can be a dizzying experience. Which option will work best for you and your needs? How will you know if the option you choose is a suitable means for meeting your objectives?


Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance

Make hospital confinement less nerve-wracking with our flexible plan. It covers some of the more difficult parts of a hospital stay and pays cash benefits to you. We offer coverage for both individuals and employers.


Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplemental insurance and Medigap policies help you with medical expenses and costs not covered by Medicare.


Life Insurance

Pick the life policy that is best for you, we offer a variety of life insurance plans to help many people with different needs and different budgets. We offer plans for individuals, families and groups ... we offer term life and whole life.

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    National Underwriter released its Top 100 life & health insurance companies of 2015 today and we are moving up! 
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  • Accolades

    At the Manhattan Life, what we do is work. Day in and day out our associates are here to help provide best-in-class service for our policyholders and our agents. We pride ourselves on going about our work; however, every now and then, we like to brag a little bit. 
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