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Treasures in Traveling

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We're lucky to live in a time when the ability to travel, no matter the transportation, is easier than ever. But it’s what we make of the experiences as they occur that form vivid, embossed memories and what it will all mean to us later on. Here are four reasons why traveling is significant.

It's Restorative

Like splashing fresh, cool water on your face, traveling has a lingering way of softening the edges, resetting our some of our feelings and perspectives. Removing oneself from routine and normal settings we’re very used to can encourage more quiet time and reflection, while an appreciation for experiences and what we have grows.

Fosters Rest  

Many of us are beyond the days when we could sleep for 14 hours straight, uninterrupted, like a teenager. Traveling, if it’s not a strenuous conference and more of the beach/resort variety, can involve well-earned rest and some degree of solace. It may not be a complete flashback to younger years, but it may at least create a similar distance between us and looming adult responsibilities.

Invites Responsibilities  

Still on the subject of responsibilities, traveling compels us to plan, organize and budget, making us think long and hard about what we’ll do during a particular trip, so as to maximize productivity and efficiency while we’re away. Without the security of being at home, we’re all but required to adapt to a new, unfamiliar environment that keep us on our toes, paying attention, and making the time matter.

Most Rewarding 

Vacation photos say so much. They’re physical proof of where we were and how it made us feel. But traveling itself, where the memories are built and stored, is also where much of the real treasure is found. While moving about uncharted cities or seas, we meet other people, discover other cultures, eat different types of food, and even test out another language. All of these and more are fantastic for one’s mental health, while their positive impacts can be continuous and enrich our sense of character and self.

Leaving one’s abode for something new can also trickle in anxieties or at least mild trepidation. Though what usually, finally gets us to leave the dishes undone and depart is the curiosities and sundry of possibilities that await. For in some respect, by experiencing a lot more of the complex and colorful world, we become humbled and more grateful to carve a space within it.

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