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Save on Your Medicare Supplement Plan – ManhattanLife’s Year-Round Household Discount

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Household vs. Spousal Discount

The “Spousal Discount” is a discounted rate that can be offered to Medicare Supplement applicants who are married and reside with their spouse.

ManhattanLife offers a more inclusive “Household Discount.” Our discount applies to married individuals residing with their spouse AND to non-married individuals residing with individuals meeting certain expectations.

How Do I Qualify for the Household Discount?

If you are not married but you have resided with an individual who is 60 years old for 12 months or longer, you could qualify for the Household Discount!

The discount can apply to an individual in a common law marriage and an individual living with a family member or friend.

Savings range from 7 to 12% in most states!

Note: Some states do have additional qualifications for the Household Discount based on mandates from the state’s Department of Insurance.


Remember that with MACRA, Plan C, Plan F, and high-deductible Plan F are no longer available for those eligible for Medicare ON or AFTER January 1, 2020. Anyone who become eligible or who enrolled prior to January 1, 2020 may switch to Plan C or Plan F if it's available in your state. 



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