Forward, Still: Ruminating on Grief and Loss

It’s the socks. They’re unmissable even in this setting, a faux pas that should be called out here and now. Bright and swimming with a medley of colors that takes squinting to identify, echoing the tie-dye t-shirts so popular decades ago. Except this exact clothing has no apparent order to its look-at-me visage; it’s all entropy and devoid of style, dominated by something approaching pink and turquoise. And oh my, is that actually burnt orange? With each passing second, my shock mounts with intensity, while the wearer of said socks, a tall and lanky man, quietly coughs and moves his fist to his mouth, before lowering his hand and falling silent again, gazing forward like everyone else in the immediate radius...

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Health Tip Wednesday Recap #12 - May 2024

Departing from routine and what you already know to become more acquainted with the unfamiliar. That is the primary theme found in this month's Health Tip Wednesday posts for May 2024. Through creativity and communication, we can potentially move through our days with a little more happiness and understanding. There is a lot that can come from exploration, it is simply a matter of starting the search, as you consider the following...

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Health Tip Recap #11 - April 2024

From the kitchen counter to the table and back again, the health tips for April 2024 cover meal ideas that are not only tasty but may also nourish us in the ways we most need. We begin with protein and naturally conclude with dessert, forming something that could rival a feast that makes it feel like the holidays year-round. Read on to learn what we mean.

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Yoga 5 by 5: Potential Benefits and Basic Poses

We're all stories. These personal sagas assembled over time. There’s the childhood that seems endless. Followed by an adulthood that feels ridiculously rushed, yet glorious just the same. But throughout everything, sleek and topsy-turvy scenes alike, there are two constants: the mind and the body. Enter yoga, a resource that can bare great value when used to align both constants, strike balance, and regain control we either lack or misplaced.

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Plant Cultivation 5 by 5: Potential Benefits and Plants That Can Support Wellness

Once again, the scent of spring is in the air! Or is that simply pollen floating its way around, spurring us toward a dramatic sneeze? In either case, though it’s already past the halfway mark, April is still National Garden Month, acting as a springboard to revive or create a unique arrangement of plants and flowers, one that might withstand the medley of weather the coming months bring. Check out the first entry in the '5 by 5' blog series!

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Health Tip Recap #10 - March 2024

March 2024 saw the finale of a chilly winter, amid signs of a softer, warmer season developing. This batch of health tips weaves its way through our precious hours before concluding with methods for helping make powerful pollen and other environs a little less miserable. All of these ideas and suggestions are meant to support a sharpening of focus on a natural wellness that promotes happiness and productivity.

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Meaning What? Defining Insurance Words and Phrases

It’s important to understand the spectrum of options available to us concerning our healthcare and financial prospects. It also matters greatly that we have familiarity with the specific terminology used in product and service explanations. There are words and phrases that, once explained, can make the insurance plans and opportunities they’re a part of even more understandable, and thus, more beneficial for the policyholder or contract holder.


Upsides to Aging: 10 Reasons Getting Older is Great

When does time itself become a nemesis to defeat? When does the aging that attends it become a process we must race to resist? These large shifts to competing with time’s passage as we mature can happen at any age. The change is different for everyone. But there are still advantages to getting older that have nothing to do with what our high-definition mirrors reflect. Physical concerns completely aside, aging is quite wonderful. Here are ten reasons why.