Why Rebrand Now?

It is a dynamic time for the ManhattanLife organization — and a driver for our decision to rebrand. The Company continues to expand and diversify its offering to provide the right types of insurance and annuity products for Americans of all walks of life, in all stages of life. From innovating existing policies to acquiring quality products like Humana’s voluntary benefits, we are taking ManhattanLife to a new level and we’re excited for you to join us on the journey.


While this is a robust period of growth in our company’s history, we’re actually one of the oldest insurance companies in America and have been serving policyholders since 1850. Unlike some of our industry peers, historically we have not been overtly promotional. With the launch of our new brand, we look forward to introducing ManhattanLife to new households and businesses across the country and getting reacquainted with those that already know us.


Who We Are

It’s true that we are one of the oldest of our kind — yet we are energetic and agile in our approach.  Not bureaucratic or stuck in the status quo, the essence of our brand is independence. ManhattanLife is privately and closely held, which means we can keep the needs of our policyholders and producer partners first. Free of the distractions of quarterly returns and shareholder demands — we can stay focused on ensuring we have the right policies in place, and responsive service to support them, so we’re meeting your insurance and annuity objectives every day.


As an independent, we’ve always done things a little differently. Unlike other large insurance companies, our organizational structure is intentionally flat so we can operate efficiently with a high-touch culture and hands-on leadership. When your representatives tell us you need policies modified or innovated, we can respond with solutions without having to spend months navigating the red tape of less nimble organizations.


Standing By You. Since 1850.

The timing is right for ManhattanLife to refresh our brand to reflect who we are today while honoring our past. During the rebranding process our goal was to create a logo identity that reflects our brand essence and core values. We are not a typical, large insurance company and we wanted a new logo that did not look typical. We think and act differently — operating according to our mission, not the status quo, and we wanted the new logo to exemplify this.


The artistic representation of Lady Liberty embodies our independent spirit and the value we place on relationships and human connection. And the boldness of its line stroke speaks to responsiveness, decisiveness and flexibility. It is the personification of our culture and persona.


While the industry may be familiar with our former tagline “Since 1850”, longevity for longevity’s sake is not our value proposition. Empowered by our independence and driven by our mission — we stand by you. So much so, that we crafted our new tagline based on this conviction. At the end of the day, our policyholders want an insurance company they can rely upon to process their claims or liquidate their annuity. And so we have evolved our tagline to better reflect our mission — “Standing By You. Since 1850.TM



“We are excited to introduce our new brand because it speaks to what the “Life” in ManhattanLife is really all about. It’s not just about life insurance. It’s about our organization’s core purpose — helping our policyholders attain and sustain the life affirmations of health, wealth and security. For Americans across the country of all ages and all walks of life, we are the independent with a reputation of reliability since 1850, providing peace of mind that ManhattanLife can be counted on to stand by you.”

David Harris, CEO