What the 2019 Medicare Annual Election Period (MAEP) Means for You

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What the 2019 Medicare Annual Election Period (MAEP) Means for You

What is the Annual Election Period?

Also called Fall Open Enrollment, the Medicare Annual Election Period is one of two important periods for individuals eligible for Medicare. Eligible individuals can:

- Enroll in Medicare Advantage
- Switch Medicare Advantage Plans, or
- Disenroll from Medicare Advantage altogether and return to Original Medicare

If you return to Original Medicare, you are eligible for supplemental coverage.

When is the Annual Election Period?

The Annual Election Period runs from October 15th to December 7th.

 Deciding on Supplemental Coverage

Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap plans, can take the place of a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Supplement plans are meant to cover healthcare costs and services that Original Medicare does not cover, including co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Why a Medicare Supplement Plan Could be Right for You

  • Healthcare providers that accept Medicare will accept Medicare Supplement plans
  • No networks, no HMOs, no PPOs, no referrals required for doctors or specialists
  • Generally, no co-pays when services are rendered
  • Medicare Supplement plans are government standardized, so you can compare prices from
    one company to another and know coverage is the same
  • Policies are “Guaranteed Renewable” – as long as you pay your premium, you cannot lose
    your coverage
  • Your Medicare Supplement plan travels with you if you move to another city or state
  • Few limitations and no “hidden” costs related to co-pays and/or deductibles

For information on the products ManhattanLife offers, contact our Medicare Supplement Specialists by phone (800) 369-3600 or email medsuppsales@wula.com. Our Specialists are always happy to discuss your individual circumstances and suggest a plan that can meet your needs.

Visit our website at medigap.manhattanlife.com/wula for more information, to chat live with an expert, or to receive your free quote on Medicare Supplement plans offered in your state.

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