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Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance from ManhattanLife




How does Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance Work?

ManhattanLife’s Dental, Vision and Hearing (DVH) insurance plan combines coverage for your dental, vision, and hearing needs into one, affordable monthly premium. Our plan is guaranteed issue for anyone ages 18 to 85, and is guaranteed renewable for life*. With no networks, our plan allows you to choose your dentist and doctors. Our simple application is easy and requires no health related questions.

Plan Benefits include:

  • - Choice between a $1,000 or $1,500 policy year maximum
  • - Dental coverage for:
    • - Preventive Services
    • - Basic Services
    • - Major Services
  • - Vision coverage for eye glasses, contact lenses, and more
  • - Hearing coverage for hearing aids, exams, and more

With no enrollment periods, anyone ages 18-85 can apply at any time throughout the year and reduce the cost of unexpected and expensive procedures. If you are looking for coverage for the whole family, our family rates allow you to include up to 3 children. For those on Medicare, remember that Medicare does not provide coverage for most dental, vision, or hearing expenses, so a DVH product can be a great addition to your existing coverage.

For more information, full plan details, or your free online quote, visit our website at dvh.manhattanlife.com. You can also contact our licensed agents by phone (800) 369-3600. Our agents are always happy to discuss your individual circumstances and answer your questions.


*subject to our right to change rates

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