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Affordable Choice from ManhattanLife

Why choose Hospital Indemnity?

Many Americans struggle to keep up with rising healthcare costs. Four in ten adults with health insurance claim they have trouble affording their deductible, and around a third claim they have difficulty paying their premiums.[1] 

Affordable Choice requires no deductibles, affordable premiums, and pays benefits directly to you for things like hospital stays, surgeries, prescription drugs, and regular doctor visits. Learn more about our Classic and Elite plans to see if Affordable Choice is the right fit for your insurance needs.


Some of the benefits you receive with Affordable Choice include:

Inpatient Benefits

- Either $2,000 (Classic) or $3,000 (Elite) per day

Surgical Benefits

- $50,000 Annual Maximum (see schedule for details)

Doctor's Office Visits

- Either $50 (Classic) or $75 (Elite) per visit



How is Affordable Choice different from traditional medical insurance?

Traditional medical plans reimburse the insured or provider for covered and approved medical services, procedures, equipment, and prescription drugs. Affordable Choice, however, is a hospital indemnity plan, meaning it pays a lump-sum payment directly to the insured for covered services such as hospital stays, surgeries, doctor visits, prescription drugs, and more.


How is the hospital indemnity insurance benefit paid?

When you experience a covered service, like a hospital stay, surgery, or a visit to the doctor’s office, you submit a claim form with the receipts to us here at ManhattanLife. Once your claim is processed, you or your designee will then receive a specified lump-sum payment according to the services that were provided. You or your designee can use the payment for whatever you wish.


For more information, contact your agent or call (800)369-3600 to speak with one of our licensed agents.

Visit affordablechoice.manhattanlife.com for your free and instant online quote.



[1] https://www.kff.org/health-costs/poll-finding/data-note-americans-challenges-with-health-care-costs/


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