DIY Home Renovations that Can Increase the Value of your Home

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DIY Home Renovations that Can Increase the Value of your Home

Give your house a new color with paint. This is the easiest and most common way you can really change the feel of your home by yourself. It can be fun! Try out a few colors on your walls before making your decision, and then go for it. Technique is important so make sure to get advice from a professional or do some research online to make sure you give your home the make-over it deserves.

Replace old cabinet hardware and door knobs. These changes may seem small, but new hardware on cabinets in the kitchen or around the house, along with new door knobs, can really make your home seem more functional and comfortable.

A kitchen make-over. Many home buyers are attracted to a kitchen with brand new appliances. By making a few replacements to older ovens, stoves, or refrigerators in the kitchen, you can really increase the value of your home.

Install new lighting and plumbing fixtures. The lighting in your home is very important to the ambiance that your house provides. Adding dimmers to your lights, for example, is a great way to change the feel of a space like the dining room, living room, or master bedroom.

Spruce up your entry way. The front of your house is important. It provides curb appeal, and welcomes guests as they make their way into your home. By replacing your front door, adding planters, or even getting (or making) a brand new mailbox can really change the way your house’s first impression.

Add patio or deck. An outdoor area, like a deck or patio, is very important to most home buyers. Not many people are willing to invest in a home unless there is some space they can call theirs outside. Also, adding some things that a family can gather around, like a fire pit, a small fountain, or a nice grill and picnic table, can provide a great place for prospective homebuyers to entertain.

These changes can really increase the value of your house to home buyers, however, they’re also great for you! It is amazing what you can do on your own to change the feel of the space you call home. So, look around and try to envision what your home could look like with a few changes here and there. Share your progress with us, we look forward to seeing the improvements you’ve made.

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