Mortgage Protection Insurance (MCI Gold)

Your home may be your biggest investment, but protecting your family in the event of your death is your biggest responsibility.


That’s right, your family depends on you to provide for them every day, to make the mortgage payment every month and to provide the opportunity for a college education for your children. In the event of your death, will the future be bright or will your family struggle?


ManhattanLife offers you the opportunity to provide a bright future for your family through mortgage protection insurance. By selecting an adequate amount of coverage and maintaining it inforce, you can . . .

  • Provide final expenses
  • Pay your mortgage in full
  • Provide for your children’s college education
  • Provide for every day living expenses


Avoid pressured decisions and possibly a financial crisis for your family by purchasing mortgage protection insurance with ManhattanLife, Where Family Comes First.



Benefit exclusions and limitations may apply to the policy. For additional information about this or any of our other quality products, please contact us or your ManhattanLife Agent or Broker.